21 thoughts on “Troy Lighting Sausalito Transitional Flush Mount Ceiling Light

  1. great find ! i love this light fixture! when i click on the link it says its $89. Could you show me how you found it for $22? Thanks!

    1. It's only going to be $22 at certain stores based on your zip code. It's apparently on clearance in NJ. So if you're not in NJ, it's $90. Still cheaper, but not quite the bargain I was hoping for.

    1. I have my "local store" set at Union City, CA…not sure what the zip code is there. And it's listed at $22.25 now, so even cheaper!

  2. If this light is available at your Lowe's in your area you might want to snag it up asap. I bought this exact light a few weeks ago at our local Lowes and then wanted to buy a 2nd one for a different area of our house. They were sold out at the store and a salesperson told us that the item was discontinued and they couldn't find the light in any Lowes stores near by so they actually let us by the floor model super cheap! 🙂

  3. Hey all! Just bought the last one at my local store (YAY ME!), but discovered that each store has different pricing (I'm thinking it's based on inventory). So, check online first and choose each of the different stores provided as options ("Choose this as My Store"). Locally, only one of the four in the area had it for $22.25 online. When you find it, either save it on your smartphone or print out the page with the price and store info 'cuz my store showed $22.25 online, but the tag read $80. So … there's still hope!! Good luck!!

  4. we bought this light but while it's nice it does not let out enough light. It has a plastic piece at the bottom and it blocks out most the light-total bummer.

  5. While I'm on a roll here {haha} … the comment about about the amount of light this fixture puts out … couldn't agree more. We found some new "instant on" micro-mini CFLs at Lowes. They are from Sylvania and they are WAY brighter than the two 60W we had in there before. Still dim {ish} but better for sure! Here's the link from Lowes, but I'm pretty sure you'd be able to find them anywhere. Hope this helps!


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