Our Home | Backyard Garden & $100 Lowe’s Giveaway

Time for the second part of my backyard tour (first post was about the patio) and now I’m going to show your the bottom level our yard, where all the business is done 😉 Like I was saying before the Mr is quite the gardener, not only does he make the yards look great, but he grows Arden & I fresh herbs and veggies too!

Thanks to being part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network, I received $150 to help our garden grow! And they’ve also generously offered one Copycat Chic reader a chance to win $100 for their own backyard tidy-up! You can enter below (using rafflecopter).

This year he tried a new technique called Square Foot Gardening, have you heard of it? Neither had I 😉 Basically you set up plants with 1sq ft of growing space. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well supposedly it’s a very easy way to garden and it’s economical, efficient and earth-friendly too! Can’t beat that.

We started out with just your average raised veggie bed. The Mr sectioned it out with rope and several posts with string to support some of the plants (like the tomatoes).

Then later on he added some bent poles for netting…We had some casualties due to deer and birds (they really like to dig for those seeds!).

Here’s how everything looks now: 

Close up of some yummy heirlooms.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Wow…I'm so jealous! We're still in a condo with no yard. We're looking for a home in the coming year and I definitely have plans for a garden. 🙂

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