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Time to venture into our wilderness of a backyard! We live in the hills were it’s very woodsy and rustic (if you couldn’t tell!). And our backyard reflects that. There’s trees and plants galore, it’s charming in a wild sort of way. The Mr is the one who does all of the gardening around here (I’m a lucky girl!). He’s been enjoying doing a tiny bit of taming, but not too much! We have two levels in our backyard. The first level is a patio where we keep our grill, table and chairs. The second level is where most of the planting gets done.

We’ve done a little sprucing up to the first level this month. Just in time for some summer entertaining! We have a lot of outdoor furniture from the last house and it was a tiny bit of a squeeze to fit some of it in here. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s looking much better! Thanks to being part of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Network, I received $150 to help tidy up our outdoor entertaining space. And they’ve also generously offered one Copycat Chic reader a chance to win $100 for their own backyard tidy-up! You can enter below.

Sorry for the “moody” shots! We wanted to show the fabulous Allen + Roth String Lights (mentioned in my post here) off to their advantage 😉

I think we definitely need to get a better hose storage solution! It’s funny how you don’t notice things until you look at them in pictures 😉 You can also see one of the hanging succulent baskets we hung (right side of picture). We hung one on each side of the patio using these hanging pot hooks and these hanging baskets from Lowe’s.

Now for some daytime shots! Our two steamer chairs over look the second (bottom) level of our yard. I’ll be doing another post about that later! I love the little succulent planter I bought at Lowe’s! Isn’t it adorable?

Oh and we are still working on cushions for all of the chairs, benches and steamers. Lowe’s has an amazing selection of outdoor cushions. I think we want to go with cushions in blue Sunbrella fabric to match the outdoor umbrella we already have. 

The Mr planted some herbs in these little blue ceramic pots. They’re just steps from the backdoor, so perfect for easy kitchen cooking access 🙂

OH! And I forgot to add this shot! We also picked up a baby pool at Lowe’s too, have to entertain the little folks too, right? 😉 Here’s Arden with her Grandma!

Have a great 4th of July and good luck in the giveaway!

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  1. Cool yard! Those twinkle lights are screaming for a dinner party, you know that right? I'm totally loving that succulent planter too.

  2. Lowes has really been stepping it up in the last year or so with this Allen & Roth line. I'm so impressed!

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