New Look

Have you guys noticed the new “facade” around here? That’s right, we’ve been doing some overhauling on the ole’ blog design (I know a bunch of you noticed that the blog was private for a little bit of time over the holiday!).

This was the first time I didn’t do all of the redesigning by myself! BIG STEP for me 😉 Although I did do most of the site look & feel, I needed some help with the coding. And that’s where Maia from Media Move came in. She’s a coding genius and was able to give me the exact look I was hoping for! And she was very accommodating to every change I wanted to make – there were a lot ;).



Let me know what you guys think of the new design? I made it a little more clean and hopefully more efficient. And I finally feel like the posts are the main attraction.

Oh and if you’re looking to redesign your own site, Maia not only is a blogger/wordpress guru, she also does the design of the site as well if you don’t have one in mind. You can find her on Etsy under Media Move or on her website, Maia Roberts.

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6 thoughts on “New Look

  1. To be totally honest, and try to give real feedback here (i.e. I will still love your blog no matter what design you have),I saw this new style yesterday and I feel like the new site actually features the ads, not the blog, and now actually lacks cohesiveness: it looks like a bunch of white boxes all over the page. Because you've got them first thing on the header instead of your name, and right up there on the sidebar too, you can barely tell its your blog. The additional ads running into a second sidebar isn't helping the look either. Definitely not 'cleaned lined', which I feel generally allows a blank space for the eyes to rest. This is much busier than your old format.

    What does look nice is the choice of font and the tab bar at the top.

    Sorry to be critical, but you asked for feedback and I figured honest feedback might be good. I will definitely not be offended if you choose not to keep the comment up. Its really meant only for you! I understand the want to highlight sponsorship but I'm thinking I've seen some much better designs that still give your blog that distinctive look without looking unprofessional.

  2. I liked it, thought it felt very clean. The ads seem slightly more present on this post now that I'm looking for them, but not on your room post the other day. And a girl's got to pay the bills.

  3. Blog changes are always fun an exciting.

    I like the simplicity of the new blog look, but I do miss the fun and quirky touches that gave it a little more personality and character.

    I totally get the need for ads, but they are taking center stage.

    I'm sure you'll find the right mix.

    Love Copy Cat Chic!! Good luck with the redesign! 🙂

  4. Actually I didn't change the amount of ads on the site. The before picture is a little outdated and didn't show the top banner that's been on the page for 6mths now, but other than that, the blog is the same. But from the feedback it seems like the ads are more noticeable now 😉 And yes, Kathryn, a "girl's got to pay the bills". Thanks for understanding!

  5. i love both formats, but honestly, I miss the old blackboard sign. 🙁 I guess the sentimental boohoo in me, is acting up. I'm a huge fan of this blog so no matter the look, I'm all for it and support you all the way! 🙂

  6. I love your blog, but . . . Maybe the ads look more prominent because they're on the left, and we read left to right? I agree that the ads grab the reader's attention instead of your content.

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