Buying for Baby | Clothing Essentials 0 to 6 months

Becoming a parent is such a huge, life changing event. I don’t know about you folks, but I had no idea how to prepare for it. I’m such a planner, but when it came time for planning for baby…I just drew a blank. I had no personal experience (no little brothers/sisters, no baby-sitting experience) when trying to figure out what I needed for the little person on the way. I found multiple “what to buy” lists from places on Baby Center, the Bump, etc and combined them all hoping that if I bought everything on the list, I’d have everything I needed.
Well here’s a lil’ secret, those lists are WAY overkill. Oh and another thing? You are not going to want to put your sweet, soft, little baby in “outfits”. At least I know I didn’t. I wanted her warm, snuggly and comfy. And here’s what I bought for her that we ACTUALLY used 😉
This one is a great one because it has wool, so it keeps baby nice and warm and dry. Although the price is pretty astronomical, all you need are one or two and you’re set. Also I found mine for cheap off of eBay. These gowns are all I put Arden in for sleeping. They kept her warm and had easy access for diaper changes. The fold-over mitten sleeves are key too, so they don’t get little scratchies 😉
These union suits are perfect daytime wear for baby. They’ll keep her/him nice and warm but you can still buckle him/her into the carseat, swing, bouncy chair, etc. I had 3 of these from L’ovedbaby. They’re super soft cotton and look adorable on. We also had the matching cap (below).
You need to keep babies head warm and these soft cotton caps are just the thing!
Long-sleeved onesies are a baby wardrobe staple. Unless you have baby in the middle of summer and live in a really hot area, you’ll probably keep your little one in long-sleeves most of the time. I live in Northern California and kept Arden in long-sleeves for at least the first 3 months. Also the kimono style is way easier to deal with when you have a young baby and long-sleeves. I had 3 or 4 of these that I used.
I did have a couple of short-sleeved onesies for those warmer days though. And ones with cute designs are always fun 😉

Petit Bateau Set of Sleeveless Bodysuits

For summer babies, these will come in handy! So soft and so cute! I had four of them in various colors. We had a navy one that Arden wore for the 4th of July. Love!

Tea Collection Keepsake Gift Box
I found one of these adorable little cardigans at a second hand store and I loved it! It’s perfect for layering over whatever baby is wearing and it’s too cute for words. It’s the perfect soft jacket for baby.

Nature Baby Organic Merino Classic Drawstring Booties

You need to keep baby’s feet warm. These booties are great because they have a little drawstring you can tighten to make sure they stay on. They’re also wool and have no added flame retardants, what more could you ask for? Oh yea, well they could be cheaper 😉 But really you only need 1 (maybe 2) pairs.

Trumpette Classic Maryjane Baby Socks Box Set, 0 -12 months

Trumpette socks are so stinkin’ cute and they stay on too! So if you’re going to go with socks over booties, I’d go with some of these.

Polarn O Pyret Classic Stripe Tights (Baby)

Tights were my footwear of choice. I know it sounds funny, but most of the time I dressed Arden in tights and a onesie. It was cute, believe me. AND the added bonus was her tootsies always stayed warm. I never had to worry about a sock or shoe falling off. I had around 3/4 pairs of fun colored, striped, patterned tights.

Shi Shu Baby Handwoven Baby Blanket
Last but not least, a nice warm and soft baby blanket. I went way overboard with the baby blankets, WAY overboard. All you need is one or two good baby blankets and you’re set. That’s why I’d go with quality over quantity. The Shi Shu Blanket may seem expensive, but they’re worth it. Plus Gilt has deals on them all the time!

Seems pretty basic and simple doesn’t it? It is! That’s all I needed to keep baby girl comfy and cute, I promise 🙂 With this amount of clothing I ended up doing laundry about once a week. Hopefully this list helps all of you future-Moms/Pops! And remember to keep an eye out on eBay, Craigslist and even your local Goodwill or second-hand stores for the best deals!

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