Serena & Lily Herringbone Throw

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Serena & Lily Herringbone Throw (stone) = $225
Lands’ End’s Cotton Woven Chevron Throw = $48.50
3/21/11 – Here is an email I received from the makers of the Serena & Lily Throw. Thought you guys might be interested:

Hi Reichel –

I came upon your blog through a colleague who sent me the post I highlighted above comparing a Serena and Lily throw, which we manufacture for them, and an imported product offered by Land’s End. There is no comparison between these two items.

Brahms Mount is in its 28th year of designing and manufacturing American made products. To Serena and Lily’s enormous credit, they feature Brahms Mount  throws and blankets in their line offerings. S & L took the bold step to partner with a US manufacturer to provide their end customer with an extraordinary American made product.

 I understand that your blog, in it’s stated name/mission, wants to provide value, but I believe this kind of comparison does a disservice. First, to the small number of American mills left, I believe there are less than 10, and we provide the highest quality for top of bed and accessories that I am aware of. Your members should be told when the comparative products are displayed with enormous differences in quality, construction, manufacturing location, etc. It is comparing apples and oranges. Our products are of heirloom quality with a nationwide loyal and rapidly growing customer base. If you’d like to compare the two products, I’d suggest you purchase the imported Land’s End throw and purchase Serena and Lily’s. I’ll let the products tell the story and take it from there, case closed.

Thanks for hearing me out and I wish you continued success, Reichel. I offer this feedback in hopes you might interject some editorial substance when product comparisons reflected on your blog are way off the mark. Please feel free to call me to discuss and/or visit our site; – better yet, come visit us in Maine!

Best regards

David Kaufman
Brahms Mount

9 thoughts on “Serena & Lily Herringbone Throw

  1. lands end has really kicked some butt lately. they have some great pillows and rugs and bedding too!

  2. I have this throw from Lands End and it's so soft and adorable. I keep seeing these overpriced chevron throws everywhere and I am just so pleased with mine! Good find!

  3. how about an almost identical throw as the serena and lily one for half the price of the lands end one? ready? from MEIJER. not kidding. as kin, MEIJER the GROCERY store. for real ladies. it can be found here:

    for $24.99. and, if you stop in one of the stores it mayyyy just be on clearance. it was at one location near me (the one i bought it at for $6.24 and no i'm not missing a digit) and not on sale at another. but $24.99 for a copy cat chic version of a $225 blanket? yes, please. 🙂

  4. The email you received is so very interesting. I'm pretty sure most buyers of the "copy cat" version know the quality is most likely not going to be the same as the designer version. Me, for one, buy "copy cat" versions because I cannot afford the designer version although I'd love to have the designer quality. And oftentimes I don't even know the item I'm buying is a "copy cat" since I'm not a big home design follower. I buy what I love and can afford. Thanks Reichel for all the great finds!

  5. Thanks for sharing the quality comment, but I wouldn't change a thing, because I think your readers can see for themselves when one of the copycat items you post is identical or just a fun lookalike. Once I even purchased the original item instead of the copycat after seeing it on your blog. May the products speak for themselves, and keep up the good work!

  6. What a pretentious (blank). Instead of outsourcing they make their product in the US, which i think is very commendable. BUT although i could key word could spend over $200 on a throw i never would for that price is inflated and ridiculous. I gladly spend the extra few dollars to buy organic, locally grown food but refuse to support a bourgeois (blank) who writes patronizing emails condemning someone who does a great service. A service of offering a lovely find at an affordable price point. And yes, i have felt textiles made with higher quality materials and felt the difference, but i have to say it's still not worth the gap on the cost spectrum. But what would i know? I'm just a dumb 22 yr old kid painfully ignorant of true quality and the disservice i do myself by even looking at these two products in one category.

  7. To David:
    I'm sorry, but, Oh brother!
    We are in a recession. And some of us have children we'd rather put through college than wrap in a $225 throw.

    To Reichel:
    Keep it up. 🙂
    You are helping people have fun decorating while still keeping it affordable.
    WE can decide which things to splurge on and which things to "copy cat chic."

  8. While I'm sure that David Kaufman has stated all accurate facts regarding the Serena and Lily throw, I find his argument to be insulting to both you (your blog is a great resource and a real joy to read!), and your readers. Most of us are completely aware of the difference in the products that you compare, and as one commenter noted, many have purchased the higher priced items. I am a shopper who can appreciate both ends of the spectrum, but do NOT appreciate the condescension of people like David Kaufman. Thanks for all you do, Reichel!

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