Baby Shower at the Tea Shoppe

I had a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. It turned out gorgeous and it was so fun. What’s not to love about good friends, tea, scones, cupcakes and a lil’ bit of equestrian flavor thrown in? I had a couple of friends from College, old co-workers and blogger friends there…good times. I had my maternity photo session right after the shower, so my photographer (Amanda from Amanda Lock Photography) was able to snap some pictures of the shower as well 🙂
A sign-it frame with gorgeous calligraphy by the talented Lindsay from Lindsay Letters!
The shower was held at the picturesque Tal-y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe in San Francisco
The flowers were done by my fabulous friend and hostess, Courtney! She also put together this fun “Guess the Celebrity” game.
Tal-y-Tara had a life-sized horse out front named Fred. He helped announce the party. (Calligraphy by Lindsay Letters)
Delicious mimosas (with a virgin option for moi!). The vintage Breyer horses were mine growing up. Photo by the lovely La Dolfina, who also did a post on my baby shower here!
Aren’t these cupcakes just so adorable? They’re from Mission Minis. I just loved the fondant gold horseshoes and red roses!
Lucky gold horseshoes for the guests!
Seriously the BEST scones I’ve ever had, served with yummy preserves and Devonshire cream.
Tal-y-Tara’s signature Motorloaf tea sandwiches…so tasty!
My friend Kara breaking in the sign-it frame.
Tea Time!
Opening the gifts 🙂
Guess the Date Game! Who’s going to win?
Some mementos from the shower.

15 thoughts on “Baby Shower at the Tea Shoppe

  1. Absolutely GORG! love the theme and colors. Im so envious when I was preggo towards the end, there was no way I could have managed to fit equestrian boots over my fat ankles…lol The best to both of you. May you have a happy and healthy baby and delivery 🙂

  2. I have been following your blog for a while now, probably a couple years, and while I love it (!!) I have never commented. I just had to pop in and let you know I have a 7 month old daughter named Arden Kate. I have never known one or heard of one, but according to your comments, there are quite a few! Congrats on your baby, I hope you have a safe and quick labor and delivery!

  3. As a fellow equestrian, I am in love with this whole thing! The shoppe is quaint and perfect…and I embrace all the horseyness. The thought that all my breyer horses up in my attic are "vintage" and not "old" is a fantastic too 🙂 Happy baby! You're gonna love being a mama! I've watched my 18 month old daughter with pride as she's been riding her rocking horse this week…despite the unending clip clops and whinnies it makes everytime she clicks his ear button 🙂 Tally Ho!

  4. Adore the photo of you & your husband. The equestrian theme was way cool.
    May I ask where the horseshoes were bought? I've been looking for some for a while now.
    -KGP Chevy Chase, DC

  5. How wonderful! You have creative and thoughtful friends, everything is lovely! And you are a darling pregnant gal…hope you are enjoying it all!

  6. Gorgeous shower! And so unique. I love the glitter horseshoe cupcake decorations and the blue and white serving platters. Oh and the incredibly beautiful calligraphy (by my good friend Lindsay)! What a fun keepsake for Arden and you. PS. Amanda did a great job with the pictures-your photo shoot is beautiful! You both look so happy! Congratulations!

  7. The trophy with baby Arden's name on it is such a great gift. I have started up a collection of old trophy cups recently. It would be fun to have cups with each child's birth date on it.

  8. I love your dress! As a soon-to-pop preggers, I'd love to know where you found cute yet affordable maternity clothes. Any tips?

  9. The trophy with baby Arden's name on it is such a great gift. I have started up a collection of old trophy cups recently. It would be fun to have cups with each child's birth date on it.

  10. This whole post is gorgeous. What a beautiful party. My blog partner is already planning her daughter's equestrian themed birthday party (which won't be until next June!), so I will definitely have to point her to this post. I absolutely LOVE the guess the date game. So adorable!

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