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Hey guys, this is kind of a random post, but I just had to share for those of you in San Francisco or New York. A couple of weekends ago I had a bunch of friends staying at my house for the weekend. It was like a giant slumber party! I had my regular house cleaner scheduled to come before they came, but she disappeared, as in cell phone disconnected and nowhere to be found.
I was frantically searching for someone to come and clean at the last minute, as in…the NEXT day. The folks over at Zen Home Cleaning totally stepped in to the rescue. I had been emailing with them back and forth earlier in the week because they had offered me a free trial of their services. Thankfully they managed to squeeze me into their schedule the next day. HUGE sigh of relief there.
I had been debating about switching cleaners already, because I’d really like to find a more eco-friendly service once the baby arrives. Green home cleaning is actually Zen home‘s motto and they offer the most adorable touches to make your home feel a little more luxurious. I took a few pictures for you guys 🙂 
( Master Bedroom is a work in progress! )
The chocolate was DELICIOUS!
They have other services like organizing, painting and party help. They were just featured in Daily Candy as well, check it out: 

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  1. Totally love that! Things work out for a reason, I truly believe that! I'm a sucker for the little touches like that!

  2. Wow what treatment they give. My sister works in San Fran but lives in San Mateo, I should tell her about them!


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