Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table Set

OK this a reader request! I know you guys have seen plenty of  knock-offs of this Pottery Barn desk. Target’s is sold out on their website and JCPenney’s no longer has one available…Any other ideas?

I have been looking for a Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table for around $400.00.  It is almost impossible.  The Pottery Barn Bedford Project Table is currently on special for $949.00 which does not include the shipping.  With shipping it will probably be close to $1,200.00 easily.

I was wondering if you or your readers found anything for a little less than $599.00?

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Pottery Barn’s Bedford Project Table Set = $949.00 (on special)

Hayneedle’s Venture Horizon Project Center Desk = $599.99

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  1. i wish i had the talent and/or the workspace to build my own stuff, but that's why i stalk copy cat chic for good stuff.

  2. I bought one a while ago from World Market. It was $199.00, but it's not online anymore. The only difference is it has three long bookshelves on each side instead of 9 cubbies.

  3. Hi! Did you end up buying one? Which one? I'm looking for one too – less than the $949. Did you buy the Hayneedle version? Do you feel that it is quality? Thanks!!!

  4. Hi-

    I did not end up buying after reading everyone's posts I did do some more investigating.

    I liked the one at Pier 1, although it did not have the same size table top dimension. The price was right at $299, but I need the table top space to do my projects. I also LOVED the one at CB2, it is very stylish, but the same size dimension problem occurred. Both the Pier 1 and the CB2 had a dimension of about 28" as opposed to the approximate 38" deep and in person it does make a difference.

    I happened to see a Bedford Project Table at my local store, I think it had been returned because it was a store sample but I really liked the quality of what I saw in person. I was on the fence about the quality of the
    Pier 1 model so I decided to pass on it.

    I am seriously considering making one from some of the plans I have seen here. It looks easy enough. I will keep looking for other models though. It seems as though I may have missed the boat on less expensive models from JcPenny and World Market.


  5. The Hayneedle's version looks like you could make it yourself out of two shelves and some ply wood and 2/4's. Just a thought.

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