Emeco Navy Bar Stool

Happy Friday! I can’t wait to enjoy some great weather this weekend. All this week it’s been raining and windy. I saw a weather map of the US on the news a day ago. The only place it was raining was the West coast and Maine… : Everyone else was enjoying the sunshine! lol
Here’s a quickie you guys will like! Another continuation of this post on Emeco Navy Chairs.
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Emeco Navy Bar Stool = $650 – $1,460
Target’s Cafe Aluminum Barstool = $199.99
Crate and Barrel’s Delta Barstool = $149
Sundance Catalog’s Elmer Barstool = $89.99

4 thoughts on “Emeco Navy Bar Stool

  1. Wha, wha, what?!?!? Target is more $$ than Crate and Barrel. And Sundance is cheaper than both?!?! Has the world gone mad?!

    The best part…I love the Sundance stool the most and it's the cheapest. It must be my lucky day!

  2. These would look awesome in my sister's house! Found my own "copy cat" of a Potterybarn chandelier on Overstock and thought of your blog. It's fun finding good deals! 🙂

  3. G'Day~These are my fav as well and Sundace is amazing! I am always willing to save a dollar or two as well.Shop around is the way to go.Thanks for sharing.~Cheers Kim

  4. I have to tell you, my husband bought a set of 4 knockoff Emeco knockoff chairs at Kmart when he was an undergrad many years ago. I was in design school and was beyond impressed by the fact that he spent $25 per chair and got such a good knockoff! We are now married and use them in our breakfast room. The only complaint I have is that they are chilly on the bum during the winter months!

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