Restoration Hardware Salvaged Trestle Dining Table

Today is one of those Mondays, where you just know that not only today, but the rest of the week is going to be a long one 😉
I know many of you out there are loving Restoration Hardware’s Salvaged Wood Collections, I’m with you! Here’s a reader request for all of you fans out there! Happy Monday 🙂
I check your blog faithfully every day for design inspiration! I’d love for you to help me find Restoration Hardware’s Trestle Salvaged Wood Extension Dining Table that doesn’t require a small fortune to own!

Thank you,

Restoration Hardware’s Salvaged Trestle Dining Table = $3,180.00
Okay, so let’s see what we can come up with, shall we? I’ve found a couple of options for us…anyone else find any good alternatives?
Wisteria’s Trestle Table = $2,499.00
Sundance Catalog’s Bolinas Table = $995.00

13 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware Salvaged Trestle Dining Table

  1. I'm lusting after the RH table too. We have been saving for a 4-runner however I will gladly drive a camery for the next 10 years to get that Trestle Dining table!
    Horchow has something similar.

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