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Happy Monday! I hope I’ve found something that will help with the Monday Blues 😉 Emco’s Navy Chair. Yum! This is such an awesome, retro chair and, I’d like to mention, surprisingly comfortable considering that it’s solid metal. There are two cheaper options for you to choose from, check it out!

Design Within Reach’s Emeco Navy Chair = $455

Target’s Cafe Aluminum Side Chair (set of 2) = $259.99
~ Thank you for this find Stephen! ~

CB2’s Bandit Chair = $129

6 thoughts on “| Emeco Navy Chair |

  1. It's Emeco.

    While I laud Target for the great price, the quality of the chair clearly reflects the difference in price. Best option is to search on Craigslist. There were so many of the originals made for the Navy that they are usually some available for less than they are currently selling (e.g., $125/chair from a fellow in Florida vs. $415 retail)

  2. The original is made of aluminum sheet metal, not solid steel, so it is quite light. That's part of the attraction, such a light but sturdy chair.

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