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Two great things happened in the search for today’s room redo: one, I realized that we need a new category for STAIRWELLS!!!!! And two, the inaugural post is coming from a Domaine Home post entitled ‘Masculine Funhouse’ which is basically all I have ever needed to hear. Pretty good start, I’d say.

I have been struggling to find a solution for my own gigantic empty stairwell for about a year and a half now. There are a few issues I’m contending with, which I think a lot of our readers (and the greater design world) can probably relate to. In my case, it’s a massive gray wall that looms large over the living room, taunting me with its emptiness and its frankly terrifying heights. I had to hire someone to paint it and I’m also aware that I’ll have to hire him back to hang a good portion of anything I purchase, which incentivizes me to get some larger pieces that can hold their own up there (and maybe require less death-defying stunts).

So I was casually browsing this week, looking for inspiration, when I came across this personality-filled space. It’s populated with all kinds of quirky objects but still feels chic thanks to its sophisticated and focused color palette. Notice how the main pieces are all the same brown and neutral earth tones to complement the calm blue and white on the walls. Texture is also a key component in getting this look—it adds dimension to the stairwell while also providing a common thread, so to speak, with the same sort of rustic and well-worn materials. Throw in a few very small pops of red and some metallic accents (like a disco ball, because why not?), and you’ve got a pretty crazypants but totally enviable stairwell.

Window $55
Artwork $40
Gnome $30
Benjamin Moore 'Summer Night'


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