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I just recently (in the last few months or so) learned about the flash sale site, Dot & Bo. I've been loving the selection on their site. They are so good at keeping up with the latest trends. Every time I browse, I find something I want. Dangerous, to say the least. They also have some really great prices.

Dot & Bo Logo

I figured I'd place an order and see with my own eyes, how the quality of their customer service and products compared. I also reached out to them and asked if they'd be interested in sending me a product to review. They were up to the challenge and sent me the amazing dollhouse cubby below to check out.



This air purifier is a thing of beauty. At $59 it's a splurge for me, but I really like the small footprint and great design. Shipping was super fast and well packaged. The air filter is made of charcoal that has been especially shaped into a (very small) honeycomb like structure. So the air passes through and strong odors are removed. The small size is ideal for closets and other small spaces. We have it in the kid's room near the diaper bin. It's a big help ;) It's made from charcoal and wood, so I know it's not going to harm Conrad if he decides to play with it, not that's it's anywhere near where he can reach it, but just in case ;) Also to renew the filter, after about a month of use, you simply sit it in the sun for 6 hours and it's as good as new. So the initial investment is worth it in the end, because you don't have to keep buying new filters. Genius.


His and hers bathroom plaque

I ordered this great bathroom sign a couple of weeks ago. I figured I'd hang it on the master bathroom door or maybe on the gallery wall if I can find some space ;) I love this sign, it's super cute and nice an solid in person. A great buy for $18. AND it came with its own screws, major points there. The only thing about this item was that it came about a month and a half after the air filter which I ordered at the same time. So just be aware that items have varying shipping times, some a lot longer than others.


Dot and Bo House of Dolls Cubby
At $300 it's not the cheapest dollhouse (or cubby) in the world. But I think it's well worth the $300 price tag, if you decide to buy it. I love it. Arden loves it. It's a great combination of dollhouse and small shelf. It's a pretty large piece at almost 3ft tall and 2ft wide, but it's surprisingly still lightweight enough to not make it a pain to move around. It's made from metal, so that's what keeps it sturdy.

Dot and Bo House of Dolls Cubby

It's so unique and fun, Arden couldn't wait to start decorating and her Sonny's Angels couldn't wait to move in either ;) Since we've taken this picture, we've added a couple of curtains and some fun wallpaper. I love the fact that you can add wallpaper with just a bit of tape and it's easy to swap it out when Arden's mood changes ;) She's also had me spray paint some of the furniture neon pink. Good times.

Copy Cat Chic Dot and Bo House of Dolls Cubby

Overall I'm very happy with all of the items I received from Dot & Bo. Their customer service was very responsive (when I inquired about the timing on the bathroom sign). Their website was a breeze to use with order updates easily accessible. Everything I ordered was exactly, if not better, than expected. The shipping on one of my items was a little longer than ideal, but the rest shipped very fast. In the end, that was not a huge factor for me compared to the value, selection and quality of their products. I'd definitely recommend them.

Have you had any experience with Dot & Bo? I'd love to hear about it, just leave your comments below. Thank you! :)

I was provided with the dollhouse cubby above to review in collaboration with Dot & Bo. The review above is my honest opinion and not biased by any products I've received.


  1. I have just discovered Dot & Bo too and have recently ordered a few things from them. The items haven't arrived yet so I can't comment on that. But I can comment on their customer service! The items I ordered are being shipped to an address other than my billing address, and the company is so new (18 months old) that the website doesn't have an option for separating out the billing address from the shipping address! The customer service was professional and courteous and helped me once I reached them (they aren't open on weekends). I am looking forward to receiving the items!

  2. I just found them about 2 weeks ago, and man, everything is so perfect! They have such great curated collections. I am in love with the fire escape shelves, too cute!


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