Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Organic Neutral Living Room

Lauren Liess is a master of using warm neutral finishes to create traditional yet eclectic interiors. This lady knows her textiles, especially considering she designed a fabric line herself. When her recently completed home showed up in Domino, I knew it would make for a challenging room redo. You have got to check out the entire house tour--there are some amazing before and afters, and I'm sure you've seen her unique kitchen all over Pinterest.

This sitting area is a cozy and youthful way to tackle an underused formal living space. Obviously a real leather sofa alone would cost over $2000, so I've subbed in a loveseat here to save (quite) a few pennies. If the international shop is a little too risky for you, here's another option. I love the casual effect of the mismatched sofas and the lighter-than-air acrylic coffee table. The overall idea here is to live it up with textures and patterns while keeping the color palette restrained. Can you believe a two-color scheme can provide this much warmth and variety? I'd volunteer to babysit Lauren's three adorable boys just to hang out in this amazing space!

sofa $409
rug $380
bust $50
tray $40
curtain panels (ea) $20
velvet pillows (ea) $30
linen pillows (ea) $18
fern pillow $30


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