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Today's amazing bedroom belongs to the lovely Jessica Alba via Domaine Home. Besides the super beautiful 'after', I particularly liked this before-and-after because the 'before' pics look so completely average. Not bad, just...a room with some furniture in it. You don't look at them and cynically think, oh that poor millionaire's eye-poppingly expensive "old" furniture doesn't accurately reflect their personality; you think, wow, that kind of looks like my in-laws' bedroom. Totally normal, regular room.

I also love that they named so many of the sources in the article because it shows you just how much cash you can drop on a room like this and (at least for me) makes you a bit lightheaded to realize how much money you can save just by doing some comparison shopping. For the sake of research, I added up all the items listed in Jessica's space...excluding the paint/out of stock/price upon request items (of which there were several), the total for Jessica's bedroom is a whopping $31,180.

Take a moment to mull over alllllll of the other things you could spend $32k on, and then get your DIY on with this easy-peasy Kelly Wearstler-inspired bauble box from Therese at Craft and Couture (love her!). Just don't break your arm patting yourself on the back for saving yourself $4,000.

Bed $475
Trunk $300
Sconce $260
Nightstand $180
Kantha throw $144
Framed photo $99 (40" x 40")
Medallion pillow $15
Silk jacquard pillow $44
Suzani lumbar pillow $54
Rug $93
Brass vases $42 (for 2)
Plant $16
Bauble box (DIY)


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  1. So glad you did a version of this bedroom. I've been in love with her space, it's so relaxed and real.


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