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When I work from home, you can usually find me at my IKEA Docksta dining table. While I love the look of a curvy tulip table, the shape is less than ideal for spreading out my papers and projects. This sleek office, featured in New Zealand's Homestyle, is just the ticket for a functional home workspace. Clean, spacious, bright--it's the perfect spot to post up with a cup of coffee and get stuff done.

This space is full of DIY opportunities, from the yarn wrapped branches to the basket light fixture and sawhorse desks. One thing you can't DIY though (unless you're a woodworking wizard) is a classic wishbone chair. I love their happy yellow hue, which would surely make sitting down to work just a little more fun. If you're over the sheepskin craze, try a colorful Mexican blanket draped over your chair for added cushioning and protection from harsh summertime AC. Don't forget to create a mood board of chic images that inspire you. Alright now everybody--back to work!

desks (ea) $184 (on sale!)
rug $243
chairs (ea) $141
light fixture $59
sheepskins (ea) $10
frames (ea) $8
branches $38 and $58
faux antlers $50
binders $1.49


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