A Summer Sandbox for Arden

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We've had this sandbox for Arden for a little while and we've finally set it up. I love this sandbox for a few reasons. One: I love that it's made from wood. The finish on our's is different than pictured below, it actually matches our patio furniture almost perfectly.
Second, the cover folds up and makes benches on the side for the kids to sit on.
And last but not least, it has a great shade canopy to block direct sun.

Once we set it up we filled it with this play sand and figured we were good to go. Then I realized that the canopy just wasn't tying in with the rest of the yard. So I decided to create my own canopy and add a personal touch or two :) I'd been eyeing this rope for awhile, knowing I had to use it in a project, but not knowing exactly what yet. I figured now was the time! 

Then I bought this great black and white outdoor fabric for less than $9/yard and it matches my bolsters and pillows perfectly. I quickly cut it down to size and added straight double-folded hems on each side. The original canopy was attached using velcro, so I found this easy self-adhesive velcro from Lowe's and used that.

I used Kristin's tutorial on making tassels. Instead of wooden beads, I found these: bronze sleeve bearings - they were perfect!

Arden loves her "princes" sandbox now (That's what she calls it). I love how the canopy ties it in with the rest of the decor and the pink tassels add enough whimsy to make any little girl happy!

This post was brought to you by the Lowe's Creative Ideas Network, which I'm so happy to be a part of along with a crew of other really creative bloggers, you can check out all of our fun projects on the Lowe's Creative Ideas Blog. As a part of the LCI Network, I've received compensation in the form of Lowe's credit to help with my projects below.


  1. I love this project!! So inspired. Would totally copy you if I didn't live in West Texas where we have to worry about the critters that could climb through the slats on that cover.

    1. Eeek! What kind of critters do you guys have over there?

  2. This is adorable! I love the broad stripe and neon tassels. Such a chic space.

  3. I've been eyeing this sandbox for awhile now. Seeing you redo the awning makes me want to pull the trigger! How many yards of fabric did it take?

    1. I bought 2 yards and had a good amount leftover to make some pillows :)


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