Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | California Cool Dining Room

The first thought I had upon glimpsing this laid-back dining room is that it is the epitome of California Cool. The molded Eames chairs and black & white palette lend instant sophistication, while the mixed materials of the Navajo-inspired rug and luxe sheepskin textures keep it from feeling formal. In my mind a room like this totally eliminates the “need” for both a formal and an informal dining space (I use that term loosely—does anyone actually use both of those rooms anymore?). This room could easily handle math homework in the afternoon and a grown up dinner party after the kids go to bed, with nothing more than a change of table settings. And how genius is that floor window?! I’m definitely filing that idea away in my dream home inspiration folder.

Aside from the fact that this is maybe the coolest dining room I’ve ever seen, it is also exceptionally budget-friendly. The pricing below is for a 4 seat dining room, so obviously the price can fluctuate depending on how many you’re needing to accommodate, but you will still have room in the budget for some really fun accessories that I’ve included below like those piggy place holders. Additionally, the pendant lamp in the redo was chosen for its price, but since this room is so very affordable, you have room for a bit of a splurge if you’re so inclined.

side chairs $155 (set of 2)
rug $370 (8x10)
table $39
sheepskin $30
shelving $15
plates $13 (set of 4)
bowls $13 (set of 4)
pig name card holders $24 (set of 12)
curtains $4 (set of 2)


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  1. those pigs are too cute - but i found them here for half the price :

    1. Thanks for the heads up Sherry! I'll updated the post :)


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