Conrad Weekly | 30 Weeks

Here's our little happy man at 30 weeks and a couple of days shy of 7 months. He's seriously such a happy and social little guy. Always ready to smile and "chat". He's army crawling and lunging and rolling all over the place these days. He's mobile without actually crawling. He hasn't quite figured out that you should bend those knees and ends up doing push-ups instead ;)

He's wearing my old shirt from when I was a toddler and his pants are from here. He's also wearing this necklace.

Okay so, I need some feedback from all of you. It's almost time to do the old switcheroo from an infant seat (we use this one) to a convertible. Arden is currently rear-facing in a Maxi Cosi Pria 70 and while she has no issues with it and we like it to...I'm seriously considering the Foonf.

We really do like our Pria carseat, but the Foonf has some amazing attributes. It's eco-friendly because the seat can be fully recycled and there are no harmful flame retardants added to the fabric. LOVE that. I also love it's narrow footprint, the Pria is pretty substantial in our car right now. Let's not forget to mention the fact that it has an anti-rebound bar. I don't know why more seats don't have that. Oh and the crypton fabric is supposed to be divine...water beads right off of it. One thing I saw in reviews though was that some thought it was uncomfortable and hard. So I'm not too sure on that score. The major downfall with this seat? It's almost double the price of the Pria. So that's where I'm stuck. Is this seat really worth the extra $200?

The Pria has served us well for the past two years. Arden thinks it's comfy and the cup holder comes in so handy! She wasn't a fan of the infant seat, but as soon as we moved her to this one she was a happy camper. The black part of the seat is removable for cleaning. I usually throw it in the washer on delicate and then hang dry it. It dries super fast. The gray head rest fabric is spot clean though. And as you can see it's right where the head (aka mouth) is, so the fact that it can't be removed and cleaned is not ideal. Also the headrest adjusts and I've found our's is hard to get locked in place. I'm not sure if that's just our seat or across the board though. Pulling the straps out and making them looser can be a pain and sometimes (not often) the straps get twisted around in the buckles, which can be a little annoying, but definitely not a make or break.

What do you guys think? Is the splurge worth it for the Foonf? How many of you have it and love/hate it? What about the Pria? Any of you have experience with both seats and can help me out?

Clek Foonf

clek foonf

- narrow width
- fully recyclable
- anti-rebound bar
- REACT Technology
- Crypton Super Fabric
- rear facing until 50 lbs
- forward facing until 65 lbs
- free of BFRs* and CFRs**

- the price
- it's heavier
Maxi Cosi Pria 70

maxi cosi pria 70

- low BFRs*
- comfortable
- includes a cup holder
- rear facing until 40 lbs
- forward facing until 70 lbs
- fabric breaths well in hot weather

- the large size
- the cover is a pain to clean
- the harness straps sometimes twist
- the head support isn't removable (to clean)
- the  adjustable headrest sometimes doesn't lock

*brominated fire retardants
** chlorine-based flame retardants
To see all of Conrad's weekly pictures click here and you can see Arden's here. This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Copy Cat Chic!


  1. Rear facing to 65lbs?! That means my 10 year old, who I let sit in the front would still be riding home from 4th grade in rear facing. Too funny. Narrow is best, heavy doesn't matter because you aren't hauling it once it's in, but the more space you can create the better, especially if you need to cram in a person between the carseats.

  2. The no cupholder would be a deal breaker for me but I see you can buy a $20 attachment so factor that into the price as well!


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