Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Casual Cool Living Room

Actress Ellen Pompeo's living room, designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, has me smitten with its relaxed California style. The room's architectural details are stunning for sure, but with some airy white curtains and natural touches, even us mere mortals can achieve a space this serene.


The woven chair and green accents keep this space grounded, while the black and white photography and silver hammered coffee tables add an exotic, well-traveled touch. I'm pretty biased towards navy blue (in every room, all the time), but these uniquely striped pieces are extra chic. I also love how Ellen's art is leaning on the floor--after all, who needs another hole (or three) in the wall?

sofa $899
chair $100
rug $299
coffee tables (each) $159
lamp $99
art $95
orchid $20
tree $46
planter $63


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  1. I love this room with the large windows and curtains so chic.


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