Conrad Weekly | 23 Weeks

Conrad is on the move! This little man can hardly keep still these days. It's hard to get a still picture of the guy! Here's my latest attempt ;)

Wearing a lightweight knit summer romper by Egg Baby.

Arden loves helping me take Conrad's weekly picture now. She's such a great big sister. She loves her baby "butter" so much. And he loves her too, no one keeps him happy like she does ;)

Arden loves her "Easter" dress and wants to wear it all the time. Well that and her princess dress collection ;)

To see all of Conrad's weekly pictures click here. And for a walk down memory lane you can see Arden's here.


  1. Hi - just found your blog and have to say what a beautiful baby! Would you mind letting me know how you get the text on the photos - - and what font that is? I would love to use your idea for my photo books! Thanks again for all the great ideas!!

    1. Hi Sarah! Welcome and thank you! :) You can find pretty much everything on this post (and in the comments): Let me know if you still have questions!


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