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YOU GUYS. What a crazy busy week it's been. I'm taking some time off next week for SXSW (you may have heard of it) and if I'm being honest, the only thing I'll be doing is drinking beer and bouncing around in search of free breakfast tacos. So I've been finishing up all sorts of projects and getting super excited for the week ahead, and I thought I'd bring you a room that is so fun I almost can't stand it.

So good right?! I found this in the depths of Pinterest, but my sleuthing tells me it's from an Australian magazine called Real Living. I managed to find it on their website, but almost everything in their source list is no longer available and/or not available outside of Australia. So of course I thought it was a perfect choice for CCC, where we specialize in awesome rooms with otherwise unattainable pieces. 

sofa $650
wire chair $689
pouf $105
art $70
pendant light (2) $10
table (2) $60


Happy hunting!

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  1. Those tables are good! Have not seen them, but going over to check them out! M.

  2. Cute! But one pillow is not correctly linked - two are leading to an Etsy page. The patterned one is cute!

  3. I wrote a very large order to INFURN and they were a disaster. They closed the NY office and stopped responding to all emails. I ordered furniture for a commercial space on Wall St. I called my cc company and put a stop payment on the order and only then did they return my calls and emails. - Laura

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback Laura! So good to know.

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    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry for all the deleted comments, I'm having cut/paste issues today! Thanks for letting us know about INFURN though. I found an identical chair for your for $549 from InStyle Modern I did find even cheaper ones but honestly the quality was so horrible in the photos, I'd have hated to see them in person!


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