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Spring is here! Are you guys feeling it? We had 70 degree weather over here in the SF bay area this weekend. It was gorgeous, but on the other hand, I almost feel like we missed out on Winter completely! I have a feeling that this Summer is going to be a hot one, judging from our Winter season. This global warming business is no joke!

Last Summer I just about died in the heat. It didn't help that I was pregnant and working from home at the time. We had a few fans that traveled room-to-room with us, which helped. I figured I'd breakdown after this winter and either buy a fan for every room or get an air conditioner. Not that where we live gets super hot, (mid 90'd on a rare day) but our house at the time didn't have much insulation. We've made a couple of changes recently that will help keep a work-at-home-Mom more comfortable. We had new insulation installed AND we installed a ceiling fan in the family/playroom. This room needed the most help last year, so the fan is so welcome.

I'm not usually a lover of ceiling fans, but I understand the necessity. And if you have to have one, then get the best looking one you can afford. I really liked the retro-look of this one. The fact that it's a light and a fan combo was important as well, since it's the only light-source in the room. I think it fits in the room quite nicely and although we haven't had a chance to use it much yet, I'm pretty sure it's going to make us very happy this Summer. AND actually the fan reverses directions as well, so it can help keep your room warm during the Winter by blowing the warm air downwards.

By the way, try to ignore our lovely cottage cheese ceiling if you can, it's one of those things, as a renter, you just learn to live with ;)

Now on with the giveaway! generously gave me this ceiling lamp to checkout and they're also offering one as a giveaway to one of my readers. So here's your chance to get prepped for the Summer, my friends. You can enter using the rafflecopter widget below.

The Monte Carlo 44" 5-Blade Discus II Ceiling Fan in Silver/Brushed Steel $189

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  1. this is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  2. Can't you give a link to the fan for pricing etc.for those of us that don't win?

    1. Sure, good idea ;) lol Added to the post above! Thanks Maureen!

  3. Thanks! Looking forward to the new fan!


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