Conrad Weekly | 16 Weeks

Here's our little romeo of the week; super happy and super smiley. He's a tad spoiled right now because he really only wants to drink breast milk out of a bottle. Not a huge fan of breastfeeding or drinking formula out of a bottle. He wants the good-stuff in an easy peasy faster flow bottle. Oh boy.

In other news, Conrad is now sleeping two-thirds of the time in his crib. This makes for a happy Mama!

He's wearing an adorable striped romper from SoftBaby and has an iron grip on some striped baby paper (a gift from his Mimi). The baby paper and Sophie are his absolute faves right now.

To see all of Conrad's weekly pictures click here.


  1. Bottles are less work for babies! Have you considered not offering bottles at all? They soon forget about them. The nutrient-rich hind milk is best expressed from baby on breast. Pumps just can't hack it!

  2. Oh, he is so sweet!! Congratulations.


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