Restoration Hardware Kensington Upholstered Sofa

Another tufted sofa find, this time made out of linen!

Restoration Hardware Kensington Upholstered Sofa



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  1. I bought this sofa in leather, and the armchair in linen. Both are great and have slim to no flaws.

    1. Great to know Nicholas! How's the leather? Does it feel soft or is it more like bonded leather? Thanks!

    2. I also bought the ottoman to match the couch, the ottoman is soft and actually comfortable to sit on, feels good under your feet too.

      The leather feels like bonded leather (in my opinion). It feels similar to the real leather in my BMW's interior, which is clearly a different leather altogether and much more firm, but I would say it's comparable.

      As the reviews say the back and 'arm' parts of the couch are mostly firm, but comfortable to me, and the seat of the couch, removable and easy to clean, gets very soft in only a few days. You don't sink in to the tufted parts of the bonded leather, but the linen material definitely creates a much 'softer' over all piece of furniture. I've slept on the couch a few times just fine, firm but comfortable.

      I love the set and would highly recommend it, the reviews on HomeDecorators are pretty much spot on with my experience with the pieces. If you REALLY take a close look at it, you will notice some of the ?tufts? are not completely even with eachother, and some of the folds in the curves of the material are not completely perfect, but you would never, ever, notice, unless you were putting a lot of effort into finding something to complain about (again, like the reviews state).

      I think I bought it because of a previous blog post of yours, or at least from something I found on here, which lead me to that site.


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