Copycat Chic Room Redo | Desert Room Retreat

Happy Friday! I sure hope you're feeling a bit of spring where you are, and if you aren't I think this warm desert bedroom will surely leave you dreaming of the sun. It evokes such a comforting warmth, don't you think? I think it has all my dream room elements: vaulted beamed ceilings, steel doors, pretty muted tones, simple lines, and lush comfortable linens. It was designed by the talented team at Richard Lane | Ryan Street & Associates, and is high on my list of favorite rooms ever!

headboard $340
chandelier $224
sconce $50 (x2)
quilt $100
lumbar pillow $62
jute rug $199
kars rug $663
drapes $49
dresser $80
chair $329
throw $60
lamp $100


(this room was just too neat not to go a tad over my $2,000 goal, right?:)


  1. Well done. What a beautiful, beautiful space. Your finds are just right for it.

  2. Now that my daughter has moved out, I have a guest room to decorate. This is giving me some affordable ideas. Thanks!

    1. Perfect:) She should be happy to come home to that space too!


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