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Happy Friday! I have to be honest--the weather here in Austin is doing things to me. The high today was 80 and being able to use my sunroof on the daily has put me in full-on summer mode. I know that February is probably going to come around soon enough and remind me (rather harshly) of what season it actually is, but until then I'm gonna soak in all the sun I can, starting with this colorful boho reading nook in Venice.

Full disclosure, this is not how I would design a nook, though I would certainly use any of these pieces in the right situation (suspender lady, come live at my house). Mixing blue Chinese lamps with yellow garden stools and black geometric pillows is just not my aesthetic or my forte, and I am always excited to find rooms that somehow make such disparate things come together in a real good way. Truly, taking a peek into other peoples' brains is one of my favorite things about art in general but specifically home design. The places we live can be such wonderful reflections of ourselves, and I'm constantly amazed and inspired by unique spaces like this. Enjoy!

chair $699
art (12x16) $187
lamp $189
garden stool $88
khwai pillow $75
mongolian lamb pillow $55
coral pillow $36
demarchelier dior book $80
lanvin book $52


Happy hunting!

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  1. TJ Maxx/HomeGoods seems to always have a good selection of garden stools for next to nothing. I just saw a bright yellow one just like the one in the inspiration photo for $40!


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