Beauty Talk Part 2

One popular post from 2013 was the post on my eco-friendly beauty routine, believe it or not. Funny considering that this is a home design blog, right? I've received a bunch of questions on everything from the products I posted about, as well recommendations for more. so I figured I'd follow up with beauty talk part 2.

This lotion is supposed to help even out skin tone and reduce hyper-pigmentation. I've been using it about a month and a half along with the vitamin C below. The scent is not my fave, but the lotion seems to work, so that's what matters, right? It received a 2 on EWG's Skin Deep database, so pretty safe, I'd say.

This is an all natural mineral deodorant. I've used it for about 6 years now and it's great. I prefer the roll on, over the stick, but they both work equally well. I apply it right after a shower. One thing to note, you have to apply it before you sweat. It won't help you if you're already perspiring.

When I was pregnant I had a facial at a eco and prenatal-friendly spa. They used a vitamin C serum to help reduce pigmentation/spots from the sun (and pregnancy). Vitamin C is safe during pregnancy and this one is organic and all natural. So I now alternate using this and the resurfacing lotion (above) underneath my moisturizing lotion. I haven't decided which one I like better.

During my facial they also used a papaya enzyme mask to help with exfoliation. I love this one. I keep it in the shower and throw it on first and wait until the end to scrub it off with a damp washcloth. My skin is super soft afterwards. I try to use it twice a week.

I'm loving this lotion right now. I use it on my legs after I take a shower. For some reason my legs get super dry and if I don't use a good lotion, my skin itches. This takes the itch away. Thank you very much.

This is the only nail polish I use. It's toxin free, which is so important because nail polish is one of the most chemical-ridden thing you can put on your body. And your nail beds absorb it right in. Yuck. I even bring it with me to the nail salon, they think it goes on great too. There are many, many colors and if you sign-up for emails on their website, they offer great deals and free products. Their nail polish remover is fab too!

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  1. Thank you! I've been trying to switch all of my beauty products over to healthier options, but sometimes the EWG database can be overwhelming. It's nice to hear recommendations from people who've actually tried things. I hope you'll do a future post on makeup and perfume too!

    1. Glad you're finding it useful :) I'll definitely do make-up next!

  2. Hello my name is Cyndi Hansen have you ever tried Nerium AD an all natural product that has amazing results? If interested you could email me cynhansen4@gmail I love you blog and the freshness it adds to the blogging world!

  3. Hello! I love that nail polish too. Do you have any color recommendations? I have had a hard time finding good colors. Thanks so much


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