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With all of the cold weather going on lately, I think my latest Parent Props post is pretty fitting. Although it's not too cold in the SF Bay Area, over Christmas vacation we took a trip to Lake Tahoe for some snow fun. I wanted to share with you all what we used to keep our newborn happy and warm.

We have more snow trips coming up soon, so I'm happy to have nailed down all of the necessities early on in the season. Do you guys have anyth
ing else that should be on the packing list?

This seems to be Conrad's carrier of choice. I've tried the Moby, the Becco, the Ergo and a sling. This is the only one he likes right now, I'm sure that will change as he gets older though.

The cover is so key in cold weather. It keeps the cold and wind at bay and baby stays nice and cozy. Plus the hood made for nice napping, since it kept baby's head nice and covered.

This is my favorite travel crib hands down. It's feather light, sooo much lighter than a pack n' play, and so quick to set up and take down. The carry bag makes it really easy to travel with because the handles can also be used as backpack straps. Arden loved this bed as well, we've set it up at home for her to use as a fort. What's so great about this bed is that it has a zip down door on the side so toddlers can go in and out. We throw a sheet over the top and voila: instant play fort. Oh and one other great attribute? It has no PVC, Phthalates, Lead or Flame Retardants. So important when it comes to where your baby will be sleeping, don't you think?

four + five
Keep baby nice and cozy with a hat and mittens. I like this set because they're wool.

A nice flannel sheet is perfect for keeping baby warm while sleeping.

The air in Tahoe was so dry, so having a humidifier really helped the nights be more comfortable. I forgot to turn the humidifier one the first night and wow, my nose was dry. Not fun at all.

We have this bunting suit and love it. It kept Conrad nice and warm while big sister was out in the snow all day sledding and tubing. He slept great wearing this and in the bjorn and I was able to be out and about with Arden.

Fleece bunting is great to have on those not so cold days and nights. We used this one just as much. Arden had a pink one when she was younger and we used it all the time, not just in the snow.

You don't want to use sunblock on babies younger than 6mths, I think, but this is my sunblock of choice for Arden and myself.

Keep skin from getting chapped from the wind and cold by slapping on that lotion. 

Same goes for your lips, don't forget to protect them.

Babies can't sleep with blankets, so in order to keep them nice and toasty, I like using this cozy and soft sleep sack.

Gotta keep baby's feet toasty. These booties did a great job of that AND staying on which is half the battle when it comes to baby shoes.

Self explanatory. I like this particular blanket because the fleece is thick and cushy.

Conrad does all of his daytime napping in his swing. We weren't about to bring the full-sized swing with us though. We got this one off of Craigslist and it does a great job. It has a vibrating option which is nice too.

This little turtle makes nice white noise and does double duty as a nightlight. The water patterns it throws on the ceiling are calming as well.

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