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Bon weekend everyone! I know most of us are experiencing some rather severe weather-related suffering right now, but maybe today's room will help remind us that warmer weather is not as far away as it seems.

This delightful little corner is brought to us by London-based designer Rita Konig. Her entire portfolio is full of very pleasing interiors and the longer I look at her work, the more it appeals to me. Somehow she manages to create spaces that are cheery and colorful yet serene, elegant and curated but casual, and modern/traditional/minimal ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Maybe it's the half-sleeve of Girl Scout cookies I just ate, but it's kind of blowing my mind how a room can be all those (contradictory) things at once. But I think the key elements that make her rooms so successful are also the elements I strive for in my own home (and have talked about in my posts): minimal but meaningful accessories, judicious use of color, and a combination of new + old. And this artwork is a prime candidate for an easy and cheap DIY project--just buy a sheet of watercolor paper and watercolor paint and go to town! Or for an unexpected twist, frame an old scarf or fabric remnant.

chair $270
side table $149
lamp $180 (x2)
basket $35
rug $410
roman shade $125 (currently on sale!)
art $30 (unframed)
blankets $20 (x2)
bowls $40 (set of 2)


Happy Hunting!

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