Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Happy Chic Entry + Seeya in 2014!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone is recovering from the massive amounts of food (and wine, obvi) you ingested over the holidays and that Santa brought you all the expensive furniture on your lists ;) As I reflect on 2013, I have to say this last 365 has been quite the roller-coaster for me. A lot of really, really wonderful things happened for me, but I also faced a lot of personal challenges (both good and bad). This was a year that I learned a lot more about what it means to be a family member, what it means to be a best friend, and what it means to just be Lindsey. I've felt some deep losses and endured a lot of growing pains, but I've also been blessed beyond measure with love, kindness, and the littlest, sweetest baby peanut of a niece. Exhibit A:

Basically just a toothless ray of sunshine, right?!

In the end, all of this makes me feel ready to blow a big fat goodbye kiss to 2013 and welcome 2014 with open arms. And I think it's only appropriate to bring in some HAPPY CHIC with the one and only Jonathan Adler! I love following him on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration and general glam-tastic cheerfulness. The downside is, of course, the price tag. Oh, how I have wept over the $1400 Maxime chairs and shook my fists at the heavens over this etagere. Even the pillows preclude any foolish impulse purchases (actually we should probably be thankful for that). I did manage to scoop up my beloved Nixon dining table on a super deep discount this summer, but I definitely had to go on a shopping hiatus after purchasing it along with my bangin' vintage Drexel dining chairs (it seems even my AMEX has had a doozy of a year). Exhibit B:

But the great news is that I've got a lovely entryway moment for you today, at about the same price as one of the aforementioned Maxime chairs (oh how they taunt me--but I digress).

The great thing about Jonathan Adler is that his pieces blend seamlessly with just about any piece you already have, whether it be from IKEA, Etsy, some dusty vintage store you found on a road trip, or from the always on-trend Threshold & Nate Berkus lines at Target. The common thread is that they just have to put a smile on your face, so feel free to get funky with your accessory game. This room also presents a cool DIY project if you're so inclined. Since this JA wallpaper is $250 a roll, the budget-friendly option is to try out a wall stencil. The stencils themselves are really affordable, and if you have some time, they are a huge budget-saver.

chair $419
floor lamp $270
x bench $209
rug $358 (5' x 8')
wall stencil $15
mirror $40
owl $29
starburst $12
fox $9
vase $18
charlie chaplin pillow cover $18
bicycle pillow cover $18


Happy hunting & happy 2014!!

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