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Monday, December 23, 2013
Happy Christmas week! The newest giveaway is for all of you parents out there. Seventh Generation is the host and they're one of my favorite brands for eco-friendly baby products.
Seventh Generation
Before Conrad was born, I procrastinated a little on a few things. Like doing baby laundry! I waited until the last minute to buy baby-safe detergent  from Amazon and low-and-behold, the first shipment leaked all over the place so I had to return it. The second shipment got lost in transit. Needless to say, my stress level started to rise.

Seventh Generation Powder Laundry Concentrated, Real Citrus & Wild Lavender

Seventh Generation reached out at the perfect time and offered to send me some of their baby laundry detergent to try out. I'm already a fan of their powdered detergent which scored an A on the EWG consumer guide, so I was definitely up for trying their baby detergent as well. Don't you just love the bottle? It's made from cardboard! So cool ;)

Seventh Generation | Copy Cat Chic

Not only did they send me their baby laundry detergent, but they also sent along some newborn sized diapers. Which was ALSO a procrastination moment. I actually registered for newborn diapers, but received bigger sized diapers as a gift by accident. So...not only did I not have clean clothes for Conrad to wear, I didn't have diapers either (!). And this was a couple of days before my due date! Talk about waiting until the last minute.

The Seventh Generation newborn diapers are great! Conrad was 6lbs 13oz when he was born and Arden was 6lbs 3oz, so I knew we'd need some smaller sized diapers. All of the other (eco-friendly) newborn diapers we checked out looked way too big. The Seventh Generation newborn size fit perfectly. Big sigh of relief. We love the newborn diapers so much that we decided to get Arden the Seventh Generation pull-ups as well. She uses them at night and during naps.

And have you tried the Seventh Generation wipes? They're the perfect combo of wetness without being "soapy" and thickness without being too heavy. So happy to have discovered all of these goodies! By the way, I'm not being paid for this post, other than being sent some products to try out. I just wanted to share my opinions with you guys because I'm such a fan of the products so far.

Have you guys tried Seventh Generation Baby products? What do you think? Do you use any other Seventh Generation products that you'd recommend?

Now for the fun part, the giveaway! Enter to win some Seventh Generation Diapers and wipes by using the rafflecopter widget below!

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  1. Yes I bought the 7th Gen laundry detergent (the regular version in a cardboard bottle) because I am obsessed with natural products that are environmentally friendly. BUT there were cons:

    1. Did not clean my clothes as well as my previous environment-unfriendly detergent
    2. Clothes smelt like nothing when they came out, not even a single whiff of freshness

    Unfortunately I have to suck it up and go back to my other one - because I do need clean fresh smelling clothes!

  2. I just started using the mandarin face wipes and I love them, I also want to try the lotion!


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