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Hey y'all, it's time again for another fabulous room redo! I thought we'd take a little detour from some of those ultra luxe, antique-heavy rooms we've been discussing lately and instead feature a light, bright, and truly budget-friendly room.


Today I really wanted to talk about one of the most joyful rooms most of us will ever design--a nursery! Like, for babies!! While I am nowhere near a baby of my own, my bestie Sarah's first baby is due in about five minutes (seriously, my phone is glued to my hand waiting for that call) and she designed the sweetest grey and white nursery for Miss Charlotte. I've learned from her (and no doubt Reichel can attest!) how much thought and consideration it takes to put together a room for someone that you don't even know yet, and I know a lot of parents-to-be struggle with making those same design decisions. Some people take the pink or blue theme and run with it, others prefer a neutral gray. Some have to start from scratch if it's their first child, and others are fortunate enough to have already designed a nursery and don't have to think twice about it. Some people design their nursery like a fairy tale princess lives in there, and other people design rooms that all but ensure their baby is going to be born wearing Wayfarers and skinny jeans. When you think about it, our babies are basically just little versions of ourselves who (mercifully) can't yet give us their opinions, and there are just sooo many design options...where to even start?! Based on my research, I've managed to whittle down two of the most common requirements for a nursery:

A) It has to be budget-friendly. A lot of people tend to go a bit overboard when they're buying things for their kids, and we all know that impulse furniture and decor purchases can add up way too quickly (particularly when they are adorably fun-sized). Not to mention you've already got to pay for a veritable mountain of diapers (and college!), so you shouldn't also have to pay for a crib that costs more than your mortgage.

B) It needs to be a flexible space that is able to grow with your child, and shouldn't require a complete redesign every few years (make sure that changing table can eventually be converted into a cool console table or a dresser in a few years!)

To that end, I've got a pretty good solution for you! Today's extra lovely nursery comes to us through Lori Gentile Interior Design, who I actually found through the Houzz app on my iPad. (I'm not affiliated with Houzz in any way, but I can't recommend that website enough! Fair warning, it's addictive.)

Even though this room is mostly white and cream, it definitely gives me a baby girl vibe. So take note of how everything in this room (except the crib, which can still be reused for baby #2, 3, etc.) can grow with our imaginary baby until she's well into her teens, AND it can also be repurposed for other rooms of the house when our daughter goes through her Led Zeppelin phase. Don't believe me? That changing table is a little more expensive than other basic Ikea options, but has a removable top that converts it back into a cute little dresser; every young girl wants a canopy bed until they're at least going into high school so you'll get a solid decade and a half out of that; the white armchair's slipcover can be washed and/or changed before transitioning into a teenager's reading nook or a corner of the family room; that ottoman (which was actually featured this week on CCC!) and that rug will look gorgeous and be totally functional in any room lucky enough to have them; and those basic curtains would not be out of place in any room of your house. Even this Restoration Hardware elephant, while a definite splurge, would be a totally funky, adult conversation piece next to a console table in your hallway for years to come. Check out the room redo below!

crib $99
canopy $49
chandelier $209 (on sale!)
elephant $399
armchair $199
curtains $25 per pair
wallpaper $35 per roll


I hope you guys enjoyed this Room Redo, and if there's anything in particular you'd like to see in a future post, let me know in the comments. Happy hunting!


  1. Thanks! Almost makes me want a baby too! ;)

  2. This is beautiful. I love it! I think the elephant is the best part

  3. Where is the canopy from? The link doesn't work for me...


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