Ranch House Redo | A Little Backyard Update

Are most of you back in the saddle from your 4th of July weekend? I know I'm not quite there yet ;) We spent a lot of time at home actually, outdoor in the back and front yards, just relaxing and hanging out with family. The Mr and I even did a few updates to the backyard.

The  Lowe's Creative Ideas Network project for July was creating outdoor art, so I figured we'd work on a little corner of the backyard and dress it up a little bit.

We forgot to take before pics, whoops, but here's a Vine video of this section of the backyard right after we moved in. You can see the area we where we took out a couple of bushes, a tree and even part of the lawn. A LOT of work, mostly done by the Mr, of course!

The Mr is a very good gardener and it was too bad that between the move and settling in...building veggie beds kind of fell by the wayside. We finally got some in, but probably a little to late to reap much summer harvest. We put in three 3'x3' raised veggie beds, very similar to these. And I couldn't resist these lonely heirlooms at Lowe's, there were only a few tomato plants left. I insisted on adopting two of them ;) We used these square tomato cages as well; they tie in with the square theme we having going on.

We bought a couple of these fun, modern hanging planters to decorate the fence behind the planters. We planted our poor, slightly dehydrated and squirrel-munched strawberry plants in the bottom planters (hopefully I'll get to eat the strawberries now instead of the squirrels???). And on the top I planted a variety of different succulents. Can't wait until they fill in a bit!

This post was brought to you by the Lowe's Creative Ideas Network, which I'm so happy to be a part of along with a crew of other really creative bloggers, you can check out all of our fun projects on the Lowe's Creative Ideas Blog. As a part of the LCI Network, I've received compensation in the form of Lowe's credit to help with my projects above.


  1. Such a neat outdoor space! Love the squares you've got going on. The raised veggie beds are perfect! Great job :)

  2. Looking great Reichel!! Specially love the modern planters and all the wood all around!!! Enjoy!

  3. Looks so good! Good luck on your tomotoes!

  4. Looking good! I would love to do something like this next year.


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