Prabal Gurung Collection at Target

It's here! The Prabal Gurung Collection at Target! And when you spend $50 you get free shipping. Woo hoo. I just placed my order, here are the goodies I got. What about you guys? What did you like?

Prabal Gurung Pleated Dress in Black and White $50

Prabal Gurung Lace Overlay Top

Prabal Gurung Wedge Sandle in Black and Gray

And this one, I didn't get quite yet...still thinking about it. Obviously it doesn't go with the rest of the theme ;) I'm such a neutrals kind-of-gal, but a nice pop of yellow is fun here and there!

Prabal Gurung Colorblock Sweater in Sulfur

Better hurry! Things are going fast! I had the size 6.5 wedges in my shopping basket, but they sold out before I could check out. Luckily the size 7 pair should work just as well (hopefully).


  1. ahhh i haven't checked it out yet - i guess i better hurry!! i'm eyeing up that sweater.

  2. It's crazy how fast most pieces sold out! 30 minutes after my Target opened on Sunday, all the flower dresses were gone except a size 10.

  3. Each time I say I won't get sucked into the madness, its so frustrating. The stores only have 1-2 size runs and they never produce enough of the merchandise. But I did score three things; printed sleeveless top, the same whit/black lace top you got, and the printed shorts. Can't wait for spring.


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