Copy Cat Chic Room Redo I Addicted to Stripes

 Hi, everyone! It's Bianca here! 
Hope your week has been a good one and that you're ready for some fooooootball! :) I sure am! This week, I went to Reichel's Pinterest boards for a little inspiration and found a living room that is "so her".
 So, why not? Here's to you, Reich! ;)
Ummm, and can we talk about the price on that rug and those pillows? Crazy good!



  1. Yay! Love it B! Ahhh, stripes - my best friend ;)

  2. Hmm ... I'm supposed to be on a purchasing hiatus right now, but those pillow covers are such a steal, and I think I have some pillows in my basement that I can stuff them with!


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