Copy Cat Chic Room Redo | Reader's Choice | Turquoise Sitting Area

Hey guys! You heard it right: today is our first Reader's Choice Room Redo. This nook was sent to me by reader, Alicia who loved the color found throughout this (quite large) bedroom featured on House of Turquoise. I loved it too, especially this cozy little reading nook! Here's how you can get the look! But first, I should tell you, these wicker chairs from Pier 1 are a more exact copy of the inspiration chairs, however, they're only found in store. So, if you HAVE to have the ones in the picture, call your nearest Pier 1 and see if they have them! Also, the rug is bigger than the one in the photo, eh, just put all the furniture on it. ;)

If you'd like to see a room featured on Room Redo's send me a link of the room to Unfortunately, I can't get to everyone's room choice, but I will try to do a Reader's Choice room once a month! Stay tuned. I might just pick the room you want to see!



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