Target + Neiman Marcus Collaboration

It's finally here! Here are some of my faves. What do you guys like?
Altuzarra Tray

Jason Wu Girl's Printed Dress

Proenza Schouler Sweatshirt

rag & bone Shot Glasses - Set of 4 
Brian Atwood Leather Gloves

Philip Crangi Trinket Box

rag & bone Men's Sweater

Thom Browne Women's Blazer

Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4


  1. My faves are the gloves and the little dress they are LOVELY <3

  2. They manage to be "edgy" without crossing the line into "fetish wear" so they are perfect :D

  3. You really need the cocktail shaker to go with those lovely double old fashioned glasses. :-)

  4. I love the little girl's dress but, seriously, $60 for a child's dress from Target? They have nice girl's dresses that are much lower in price and just as pretty.

  5. I just happened to be at Target in DC at 9am on Saturday morning and there was NO ONE there looking at the NM selection even tho the store was prepared for a crowd. I bought the Lela Rose top and tray but ultimately returned them already. When I got it home, I realized that the top was not made well of of quality material for the $70 price tag. $30? Maybe? But the reality was that it was a typical Target top (which I don't normally mind) with a designer label. And the tray, while awesome and heavy, was just too much $ in the long run. I also looked at the old fashion glasses and they too were poorly made. The gold and the lines were splotchy. Over all, after seeing everything in person, I think it was all over priced or of poor quality to be priced as high as it is; I'm disappointed that it didn't live up to the hype.

    1. I actually completely agree with you. In the long run, I decided not to get anything either. The only thing that seemed like a reasonable price was the Proenza sweatshirt ;)

    2. I agree as well. I was awake just after midnight and ordered some, well a bunch, of items online as I expected this collection to be similar to Liberty or Missoni. I was shocked to see the display relatively untouched at the store on Saturday evening. I looked at the items that I purchased and was quite disappointed. I plan to return all of it to the store as soon as it arrives at my house. They missed the mark on this one.

  6. I got the Tory Burch lunch bag. Definetly overpriced but I bring a lunch bag to work every day, and I much rather be seen carrying this one than my old ugly one :-)
    I also got the journal set from Carolina Herrera for the work Holiday party, it has to be a generic gift, but Im thinking of returning it, since I work with a bunch of guys... hahaha
    I agree with above posts, nobody was interested in any of the items, overall they were out of reach for the typical target consumer. If on sale I would absolutely love the tray, so heavy and beautiful I could put it anywhere in my house.

  7. Some items were amazing while others were just OK. The tray was my favorite non-clothing item. I've been in the market for the perfect one and this is it! The quality of the glasses and cocktail shaker were terrible though.

    I love the fur vest and the sweatshirt. The Lela Rose dress and the navy jacket did not flatter my petite frame.

    I wrote about my favorites here:


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