Anthropologie Colorblocked Antler Curio

Here's a fun one!




  1. I think these are so fun; I just posted about the new Anthropologie catalog and showed the antlers as well. I think they would make such a fun DIY project!

  2. DIY it! I did.

    I also think it's crappy when chains rip off small sellers on Etsy, which is where this all got started.

  3. Lois, nice DIY. Just wanted to let you know the anthropologie antlers are not rip-offs. They are infact originals from an Etsy Seller herself. I graduated from Art School with the designer and she is getting lots of exposure for her pieces through Anthropologie.

  4. Hi Reichel,

    My name is Cassandra Smith and I am the creator of the original hand-painted antlers on Etsy, and also the creator of the "Color Blocked Antler Curio" that was sold with Anthropologie this Fall. If you look closer at the Anthropologie listing, you will see that my name is in the description as the artist. I appreciate your reader Nicole Parks for pointing that out.

    I just wanted to clear that up so that you know the people on Etsy are actually copycatting me, a small artist who also sells on Etsy ( not a large retailer like Anthropologie. The numerous copycats on Etsy have resulted in lost sales and legal headaches for me, and shouldn't necessarily be applauded.

    And to your reader who mentioned that she hates when chains rip of small sellers on Etsy, this is actually the rare exception where Anthropologie reached out a small Etsy seller and I think they should get credit for that.

    Hopefully you can amend this post to fully reflect my work as an Etsy seller and Anthropolgie's goodwill for working directly with a small artist.

    Thank you!

  5. That's fantastic that Antrho did this the right way. I'm so used to seeing it done as a rip off that I missed this great collab. Kudos to them. And I'm thrilled for you too!
    Nicole, I'm glad you liked my DIY. I love to try making things myself, but I'd never sell someone else's idea on Etsy. I'm sorry that's happening to you Cassandra.


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