Pong Makes My iPhone Happy

I should have posted this for Earth Day ;) I don't post reviews very often...only when I reeeeally, really like something. And I was so happy with this product I just had to share!

I received one of these Pong Soft Touch iPhone cases to review back in January, so I've had it for awhile now. I'm pretty particular about my iphone covers (aren't we all), so I wasn't expecting to like it much, let alone LOVE it. The major reason? The Pong cover reduces your radiation exposure by up to 95% below the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limit. The Pong cover also has micro-thin antennae that redirects cell phone radiation away from your head. Pretty amazing, huh? Especially with little ones around; It's one thing to be zapping your own melon with radiation and quite another to expose your baby to 'em ;) Especially since children are more susceptible to radiation (They're still growing and their cells divide much faster than an adults!).

EXAMPLE: Sometimes when I'm working in the office I have the radio going. Now usually if I have my iPhone anywhere even remotely near the radio I get interference up the yin yang. With the Pong cover? Complete silence. SOLD!

Also, the Pong is sleek, snaps on easily, FITS right (surprising how rare that is) and has the right amount of slide to fit into your jeans pocket, but with just enough stick to not slide off the dash in your car. I never thought I'd find a case that did both. And yes, it does a solid job of protecting the phone too (still working after being dropped almost once a week, lol). So needless to say I couldn't be happier with my Pong cover!

The Mr was even convinced and he's even more particular about his iPhone covers than I am! ;) So even though the Pong isn't cheap ($59.99), we bought him one too! AND an now we even have the iPad case :)

So if you're in the market for a case, I'd say it definitely worth spending a little more to get protection not just for your phone, but your noggin' too! You can like Pong on Facebook to hear special promotions, new product introductions, etc.

Sick of hearing of baby and just want the home goods? Or vice versa? Click here to change your CCC subscription.


  1. This looks awesome! I am in the market for an iphone case and so glad to find this!

  2. I never even thought about the effects of radiation. I will definitely be checking out their cases when my current one needs to be replaced.



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