Curtainworks Messina Opulent Velvet Lined Drapery

Hey folks! Here's a product review as well as a mini nursery update!

Some of you might remember from this nursery post, that I was planning on buying Pottery Barn's Velvet Drapes in Stone. Now, I'm a huge fan of Pottery Barn's Velvet Drapes. I have them throughout the house, even the curtains that were previously in the room were PB's Velvet Drapes, but as we all know, the price definitely adds up, especially when you're on a tight nursery budget ;)

But just recently I was contacted by the folks over at Curtainworks about their newest drapery collections. Lo and behold, after a bit of browsing their selection (which is plentiful btw!) I spotted the Messina Opulent Velvet Lined Drapes. Not only did they look gorgeous and exactly like the Pottery Barn drapes I love so much, BUT they had some great color selections! I fell in love with the Peacock colorway and I just knew it would look fabulous in the nursery!

Fast forward a couple of weeks...and thanks to the generosity of Curtainworks, guess what's now hanging in the nursery? Yep, that's right! Gorgeous Velvet Peacock drapes for Baby B's peacock themed nursery. How perfect is that? ;)

They look great don't you think? I've gotten a ton of compliments on them already, ranging from the painter to a couple of friends that have stopped by. I would highly recommend them if you're shopping around for curtains. Not only is the velvet soft and thick, but the drapes are fully lined as well!

And just to prove my point, I'm going to do one of my chic finds for you ;)

Pottery Barn's Velvet Drape 50"x 84" (wheat) = $109
Curtainworks Messina Opulent Velvet Lined Drapery 52" x 84" (gold) = $49.99
Less than half the price of the Pottery Barn drapes and just as much drama! I'm sold ;)


  1. Love the sneak peak of the nursery!
    Can't wait to see you tomorrow.
    You've been a roll with all your copy cat chic finds!!

  2. Reichel! I bought these in the plum color and love them! So glad you did a post on them. The are such high quality and I love how they drape againts the floor!

  3. Reichel, can you comment on the color of the Peacock drapes? It's hard to tell the color since it looks gray in your room and more sea-blue on their site. What would you compare it to?

  4. Gorgeous!!! I'm headed over to Curtainworks right now!

  5. Love it! I've been searching for nice curtains comparable to Pottery Barn's without the higher price, and I think you've found them for me! I ordered a few swatches so I can see what the color looks like in person before I commit to ordering the curtains. I am so excited!

  6. @MDiskin - They are def. not gray, they are very much like Pottery Barn's porcelain blue color. :) Hope you guys like your curtains! xo

  7. Love these curtains, Reichel! Just ordered a swatch. (And I appreciate MDiskin's color clarification. Computer monitors & color rendering...eek!) I'm a brand new blogger who just discovered your fantastic site. I don't typically do bargain hunting blog entries, but I've got one I think you'll appreciate. Posted yesterday.

  8. Love the curtains. Can you please share the color of the room? I've been looking for the perfect gray/blue for my guestroom. Thanks!

  9. Looks fantastic. Can u share where u got the striped rug that I think is in the nursery? Love it.

  10. That rug is gorgeous! Wish we knew where it was from...

  11. Love these! What a great tip--I'm showing these to our client. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. I love the yellow/gold looking curtains and I'm thinking about getting the gold curtains from curtainworks. My only question is about the shade though. Here it looks like a really rich mustard color and on the curtainworks website it looks more like a subdued yellow/gold. What is the shade actually like in person? Is it closer to the pottery barn shade or brighter? Thanks a ton! This website is wonderful! 


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