Gorgeous House Tour

Hey everyone! I'm back from my lil' vacation/babymoon :) Cabo is perfect this time of year....We stayed at the Hilton which was sooo nice, check out the view from the pool ;)

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys about my friend Terri Long and her fabulous home. Terri's blog, La Dolfina, is FULL of eye candy...and so is her house! lol. I met Terri last year at Eddie Ross's fleamarket tour. Good times!

When blog friend Julia from CasaSugar asked me about a house tour I pointed her in Terri's direction and once you check out the tour you'll understand why! Go take the tour!


  1. Welcome back and please don't leave again anytime soon ;)


  2. Hi Reichel,

    Welcome back!!!
    I'm so happy you got away to such a beautiful place, so good for all 3 of you :)
    I really cannot thank you enough for all you've done for me. You rock!
    Have a wonderful weekend back in the Bay.
    LOve you...


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