Pottery Barn Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp

The search is over! Finally a great looking photographer's spotlight lamp for less! If you liked my previous post here, you'll love this option. It's my favorite that's for sure.

Pottery Barn's Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp = $299


  1. Don't you just adore overstock.com? LOVE the site. And once you place an order, you receive these great 5-10% coupons randomly via snail mail. Makes me want to buy this lamp with my discount!

  2. overstock.com is the greatest!

  3. Thanks, I have been looking for a more affordable version of that lamp for a LONG time!

  4. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I bought one of these lights at HomeGoods Store two weeks ago for $99. It looks exactly like the Overstock one, but it has the electrical cord that the Overstock model seems to be missing, lol...

  5. The one in Overstock looks awesome. I do have some reservations, a few of the reviewers stated:
    "Before you buy this item you should know that it DOES NOT come with a diffuser to cover the bulb."

    Are there any ideas out there to make a simple fix to this beautiful lamp?


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