Lonny's Brussel Scouts Living Room

I'm just loving the look of this Belgian style living room featured in the latest Lonny issue. Pam Voth and Tim Barrall have such an eye for texture and complimentary neutrals. Their living room has just the right patina of age & character. Of course the structure of the room creates the mood for the space, but that doesn't mean we can't try to imitate it, right? ;)

Pam Voth & Tim Barrell's "Brussel Scouts" Living Room, Image from Lonny Magazine

Copy Cat Total = $1,604


Zuo Modern Wire Chair = $158 x 2 = $316


  1. You are just too good! :) love it!


  2. I was so excited when I read this post. I love that couch and the one you found is very affordable. Alas, it seems to only be available back east and I am in the west. I'm so sad.


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