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" You are my last hope. I found this great mirror at PB Teen – it swivels and has shelves on one side ( with an added bonus of a cork board on the side and hooks on the other side). It is $600 at PB Teen. I have scoured the web looking for something like it – to no avail – but I can’t imagine PB are the only people to come up with this good idea."

- Leah

Now I've found a couple of products that are similar, but with no cork board. I'm thinking that you might just have to add the cork yourself. It would make a pretty simple DIY project...I think...

BUT, let's throw it out there...Can any of you find a swiveling shelf/mirror/hook/cork combo similar to PB Teen's Display-It Storage Mirror?

Pottery Barn Teen's Display-It Storage Mirror = $599.00

Target's Circo Spinning Organizer - White = $79.99

Overstock's Swivel Bookcase Mirror = $299.99

If you need help finding a "Copy Cat" version of a specific item, feel free to submit it for Reader Request day! Just shoot me off an email!


  1. What about retrofitting a kitchen cabinet or something from IKEA? Maybe a handy person could build a box with shelves, trim, etc. And there's always the Pottery Barn outlet!

  2. IKEA has a plain white bookshelf in a similar size. You could totally DIY this !! I think I may try it for my daughter's room!

  3. I've got plans to build your own, too! http://ana-white.com/2011/03/rotating-teen-storage-unit


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