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Okay, I know you guys have seen these chairs. How could you not? They've been everywhere from Domino to Nate Berkus. We have several options to choose from with this style chair. Unfortunately, none of them what would be considered a steal. Fear not my friends! A knock-off has been spotted! Copy Cat to the rescue ;)

Courtesy of House Beautiful

The home of Nate Berkus

Courtesy of Domino Mag

Jonathan Adler's Chippendale Chair for $650...ouch this is cold, brrrrr.

Williams Sonoma Home's Carved Bamboo Painted Chair with special pricing at $395 lowered from $499...not as cold, but still chilly.

Now so far, the cheapest version of these chairs has been Ballard Designs Macau Chair at $279, getting warm!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for....Pier 1's Bellarose Chair at the very attainable price of $129.98! Hot, very hot!


  1. Can I just say I freaking love your blog????

  2. The feeling is mutual! :D btw, may I say that, the shade of gray you chose for your walls is just gorgeous. Love it!

  3. ok, so I know I'm late to the party..but I just found TWO of these chairs on Super Clearance @ Pier 1 today....and the price?? $22 each!! Hollllerrrrr!

    Love the Blog.

  4. Hi Reichel, any thoughts on the chandelier in the Domino photo above? Just scored some great bamboo chippendale chairs and that would make my day!

  5. How about this post? http://www.copycatchic.com/2010/02/burnelli-red-bamboo-tole-chandelier.html

  6. Hi there, thanks for the blog. Just want to say while I am here...been looking for the Tole bamboo chandeliers and not having any luck, except with 1st dibs...and they want ridiculous prices, they are out of their minds with greed. If you are patient you can find these vintage chandeliers, rewired and ready to go, between 200. and 500. apiece. Don't be ripped off!

  7. Hi Reichel! I just stumbled across your blog on Friday because I scored the Williams Sonoma Bamboo Chair off of Craigslist and was trying to find out what it was worth originally and this post came up. I'm so glad I got it because I only paid $15 for it! I am LOVING your blog and also happy to have found another Bay Area blogger. Consider me your newest reader :)

  8. @Christine - Thanks! Glad you found us :) Great to have you as a reader!

  9. I have 4 Johnathon Adler Chippendale Arm Chairs for sale - they are genuine. Where do I sell them?


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